Forex Rollover Rates

When you’re trading with EverForex, it’s always helpful to know the current forex swap rates, especially if you are holding positions overnight. We always document the swap charge for each currency pair, including both positive and negative swap rates.

Forex Rollover Rates

What are forex swap rates and how are they calculated?

As a forex trader, it’s important to understand what a swap rate is and how it functions. The swap rate is the rollover rate required to hold an open trade position overnight.

When you trade forex currency pairs, you are buying one currency and selling the other. If you hold a position overnight, you incur FX swap charges for the currencies in question. The current swap rate is measured according to the current interest rates of both currencies, with a debit or credit status both possible.

Forex Rollover Rates

How does EverForex calculate swap charges?

EverForex works closely with leading global liquidity providers, and these organisations calculate swap rates on a daily basis. Along with interest rates, current swap rates are based on risk analysis and current market conditions across global markets.

It’s important to note that each individual currency pair has its own swap charges based on the exchange rates and interest rate differential of the two countries.

Forex Rollover Rates

What you need to know about swap rates

  • Forex swaps or rollovers are applied when positions are left open between trading days.
  • Rollovers are applied when the trading day ends and the servers reset to 00:00.
  • It is possible for a currency pair to have a negative swap rate on both sides, long and short.
  • Each forex pair is measured on 1.0 standard lots and has its own charge.
  • Spot rate transactions have 2 days settlement.

Forex Swap Rates Australia

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