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New to Forex trading? Want to get a head start and make money fast? Copy trade Forex with Everforex!

When you’re new to trading, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Making the right decisions is key to making money on the markets – but this can be difficult when you’re just starting out.

Everforex can help you get started, thanks to our innovative Echo system of copy trading.

Copy Trading

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a way of sharing information between highly experienced traders and those who are new to Forex trading. Through following and copying the strategies of top traders, novices can get into trading more quickly. The signals of the successful traders let the newbies know when to buy and sell, easing the stress of entering the market for the first time and enabling new traders to make a quicker profit.

Copy Trading is an innovative investment portfolio designed to build a bridge of information sharing between experts and novices in the field of foreign exchange trading, and provide a “fast lane” for beginners to participate in trading, enabling less-experienced traders to gain profit opportunities through tracking the sell and buy signals of selected good traders, evaluating selected signals and automatically copying positions opened on own account.

Copy trading is also used as a time-saving device by more experienced traders who don’t have time to watch the markets all day, providing them with greater trading efficiency.

However, the way standard copy trading operates, it is not without risk. Although the signals given by experienced traders can be very helpful, they might take too many risks, or not match your operating style. If you follow the wrong signals, you can end up losing money.

Copy Trading

Revolutionising copy trading in Australia

Everforex is dedicated to maximising opportunities and minimising risk for all our Australian traders, particularly those who are new to Forex. This is why we have created Echo – an industry-leading copy trading platform for our clients.

Echo uses the latest technology, utilising big data and intelligent algorithms to analyse and send out the signals of top Forex traders in real-time. You can follow these signals at a glance, instantly enabling you to make informed decisions.

Echo doesn’t follow traders who take too many risks. All of the traders who provide signals in Echo are pre-screened to ensure they are responsible traders with excellent risk-assessment abilities. As these traders are all at the very top of the game, this gives you the best possible chance of making a profit.

Copy Trading

Features of the Echo copy trading platform

Echo offers all the features you need for successful, efficient trading, even if you’re a complete beginner.

These include:

A sophisticated algorithm

Our algorithm ranks signals by analysing a number of different factors, such as profitability, performance, stability and risk, to give you an in-depth decision-making ability.

Customisation settings

With Echo, you can customise your settings to suit your trading needs, with options including:

  • Positive or reverse copying
  • Customisable lot sizes
  • Set specific currency pairs and maximum trades volume
  • Set stop-out level
  • Edit or close any position at any time

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