From our CEO

EverForex is a global forex trading firm specialising in online financial services

We offer access to numerous global markets, including currencies, CFDs, and commodities. We strive to serve our growing client base by providing valuable opportunities to businesses, financial institutions, and individuals around the world.

EverForex was founded in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, a location we love and still use as our headquarters. After 14 years of continual development, we have been recognised as one of Australia’s leading financial service providers. Over this time, we have developed a fantastic team of talented traders and finance professionals.

The EverForex team includes people from international investment banks and well-known colleges around the world. From experienced traders and elite financial researchers through to consulting industry leaders, the EverForex professional team continues to grow as we transform from an influential trading firm into a true global force.

At present, we have offices in many places around the world, including Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Burnaby, Toronto, North York and beyond.

About Us

14 years leading the way in foreign exchange and CFD trading

What we do

EverForex has been constantly improving and enriching our services in order to meet the demands of foreign exchange development and market globalisation.

Core values

Based on high-quality services and leading products, EverForex has formed a unique company spirit and established a sound brand culture. Now more than ever, EverForex is ready to provide our clients with professional, efficient, and reliable trading services.

Business background

In the early days of our development, EverForex made efforts to obtain an Australian Financial Services (AFS) license. At the time, we were proud to be the only Chinese-funded financial institution in Australia qualified to sign foreign exchange trading contracts. At present, EverForex is one of the major currency exchange providers in the country.

Our advanced industry knowledge and years of experience in currency exchange and remittance has enabled us to provide lower costs, faster liquidity, and superior quotation for our valued clients. Based on the prosperity and development of our industrial business, EverForex has currently formed a complete closed-loop operation encompassing offline and online transactions. The stability and security of our business is second-to-none.

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